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Merry Christmas & a Blessed New Year

So then…. 2021 is almost over… and that went fast! On this side of the globe, we (mostly) enjoyed it. No, we have not been able to travel as much as we would have liked, that trip to Russia was canceled once again, but we are healthy, do (in our opinion) useful things


Katyń-museum in Warsaw

Those who delve into Poland will also come across the name Katyn in the history of this country. Only Katyn is not located in Poland, but is a village (selo) in the Smolensk Oblast in western Russia. So, what is the link between a small village and Russia and Poland?


Deutsch-Russisches Museum

You might not recognize the place ... but here, the German surrender was signed on May 8, 1945. But uhh ... that surrender was already signed on May 6 in Reims? Well… yeah… sort of.


Poznan uprising 1956

In June 1956 the first general strike broke out in Poznan and the first public demonstrations against the Communist policy that prevailed there (Poland) at the time. The protests were bloody suppressed by the military....


Russian cemetery Leusden (NL)

The war cemetery is, among other things, the final resting place of 101 Soviet soldiers, who were taken prisoner in WW2 on the Eastern Front around September 1941. These soldiers were mainly from the Central Asian Soviet republics, such as Uzbekistan.