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Dutch Den Oudsten / DAF MB200 buses in Poznan Poland

If you lived in the Netherlands in the 80s and 90s, you know these busses. The well-known regional and city busses, made on a DAF bus chassis and on which Den Oudsten developed the standard regional busses in 1969. But yes, once those busses will be retired… or not completely?


Drezyniarz 2022, Poland

In June 2022 we had the great opportunity to make a train trip from Poznan to Czarnków with a steam train. And no, we're not going to talk about how beautiful that train was (


Op bezoek in Poznan…

In May 2021 we went back and forth to Poznan Poland to handle / start some highly necessary (business) things. But yes ... if you are there anyway ... must ...


Poznan uprising 1956

In June 1956 the first general strike broke out in Poznan and the first public demonstrations against the Communist policy that prevailed there (Poland) at the time. The protests were bloody suppressed by the military....


Fort VII Poznan Poland

Fort VII, officially Konzentrationslager (Concentration camp) Posen was a Nazi German extermination camp set up in Poznań in German-occupied Poland during World War II, located in one of the 19th century fortresses...


Museum Uzbrojenia Poznan Poland

This (more than amazing) military museum is located at the Poznań Citadel. You enter through the casemate's corridor, now known as the “Little Lock”. It originally formed the western viaduct of Fort Winiary...