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We are moving… to… Poland.

OK dan… het grote nieuws kan nu echt wereldkundig worden gemaakt… we gaan verhuizen! …. Naar Polen.  Wat? Hoe dan, waarom dan, huh?  Welnu… we zijn aan deze kant eens gaan denken.. stel… dat...


Colditz Castle

Those who are a bit older may still know the film series Colditz. Something with many escaping prisoners from a German prison camp / castle in the 2nd world war.


Trabant museum Zwickau

Zwickau once housed the Trabant factories and there was (which is now also unfortunately gone) a real Trabant museum! (not to be confused with the August Horch Museum, which is another museum).


The Miracle-phone

A number of carers have developed the Wonderfoon (Miracle-phone) for elderly people with dementia. A very nice concept in which an old telephone (Dutch T65) is used that you can (have) rebuild with ...


An odometer becomes a clock

You take an odometer from a Trabant ... and you tear the whole thing apart ... And you take a clock from the action ... You tear the interior out of the clock and the odometer ...


Maritime Museum La Rochelle

In La Rochelle there is a super nice maritime museum : Musée Maritime de La Rochelle. From very cute sailing boats to ships that can go directly to the ocean. Very worthwhile if you are interested in that theme.