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Trains during the cold war.

During the (1st) Cold War, Berlin was divided into 4 parts. British, American, French and Russian. Between the Russian zone and the other zones was the border (the Berlin wall), but also around the...


Military History Airfield Museum Berlin-Gatow

Gatow Airport was built in 1935. The Luftkriegschule 2 of the Luftwaffe was located here from January 15, 1940. In May 1945, Gatow was occupied by the Red Army. Berlin was split into four sectors and in July 1945 the airport was handed over to the British Royal Air Force.


NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang

The NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang is a former training camp of the Nazi NSDAP in the German Eifel. Built between 1934 and 1936 to a design by Clemens Klotz, it housed 500 recruits until the start of the Second World War.



Rheinwiesenlagers were 19 POW camps set up in the Rhineland just before the end of World War II. In the camps, temporarily, under often terrible circumstances, various groups of German military ...