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Trains during the cold war.

During the (1st) Cold War, Berlin was divided into 4 parts. British, American, French and Russian. Between the Russian zone and the other zones was the border (the Berlin wall), but also around the...


Checkpoint Bravo

Most of you are familiar with Checkpoint Charlie… (The guardhouse in Berlin), Checkpoint Alpha might just be known (Marienborn Helmstedt), but Checkpoint Bravo? Most people don't know that. To make it a bit clearer, a short intro...


Emsland Moor / Peat Museum

In the middle of what was once Europe's largest high peat area, the Bourtanger Moor / Bourtanger Marsh, the Emsland Moor (peat) Museum is located in the immediate vicinity of the Dutch border. This peat area is huge ....