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Retro Motor beurs Poznan 2022

Op 29 en 30 Oktober was er de Retro Motor 2022 in Poznan Polen. De eerste gedachte is dan… wat auto’s, wat motoren en dat zal het dan wel zijn. Fout. Zes(!) hallen VOL...


Technology Museum Sinsheim and Speyer

Well… they are officially called a museum, but to be honest… you should see it more as a huge collection of everything that has anything to do with technology (and sometimes not)….


Old bicycle shed Meppel

Tot medio 2010 stond er bij station Meppel nog de oude fietsenstalling die daarna gesloopt is. Op donderdag 2 December 2010 werd de nieuwe stalling geopend. De nieuwe fietsenstalling zal zeker efficiënter zijn geworden,...


Technikmuseum Magdeburg

In Magdeburg there is still a very old and beautiful Technology Museum with primarily old DDR stuff. It is located in an old foundry where armored steel was once cast for tanks and the like.


IFA Museum Nordhausen

The IFA (Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau) existed in the former GDR. That was the umbrella organization of the East German motorcycle and car industry. Under the name IFA, passenger cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles as well as motorcycles and (moped) bicycles were produced in the GDR. And it was primarily in Nordhausen that agricultural vehicles were made.


Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord

The Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord is quite a special place and in my opinion undervalued… It was once a blast furnace and after it stopped (around 1985) it was eventually converted into a “leisure park”.


Poznan uprising 1956

In June 1956 the first general strike broke out in Poznan and the first public demonstrations against the Communist policy that prevailed there (Poland) at the time. The protests were bloody suppressed by the military....


Primarius bikes

After years of living in the neighborhood of the old Primarius factory in Meppel NL (the pollution from the factory was still in the ground ...) I could finally buy an Primarius Transport bike! ...


Bratislava Slovak Transport Museum

The Slovak Transport Museum in Bratislava is a treat to visit. Not big, but wonderfully quiet, plenty of space and above all: a wonderful exhibition about rail and road transport in Slovakia. ...