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In Peenemunde, during the 2nd World War, research was done into the V weapons, especially the V1 and the V2 rocket. There's not much left of those research centers, just a power station...


Railway gun Krupp K5

In the north of France, in the town of Audinghen, there is a museum that manages the bunker “Todt”. The bunker itself is already a solid appearance ... but the cannon that stands next to it ... that was what mattered to us ... A Krupp K5 cannon, made between 1937 and 1940. It fired a 255 kilo grenade over a distance of almost 70 km. The gun weighs 120 tons and is 32 meters long.


Ouistreham bunker museum

In Ouistreham (France) is a WW2 bunker that is now in use as a museum. From an original landing craft (which was also used in the movie "saving private ryan", to uniforms, a few tanks, rooms full of original stuff and way way more.


La Rochelle

Anyone who has seen the movie “das boot” also knows what the town of La Rochelle was in the second world war: A naval base for, among other things, submarine boats. The (huge) bunkers for those U-boats are still there, but ...


Pointe du Hoc

On June 6, 1944 (D-Day), at 07.00 am, the US 2nd Ranger battalion came up along this coast in France, along the rock wall that is 30 meters high, with rope ladders ...