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In Peenemunde, during the 2nd World War, research was done into the V weapons, especially the V1 and the V2 rocket. There's not much left of those research centers, just a power station...


Railway gun Krupp K5

In the north of France, in the town of Audinghen, there is a museum that manages the bunker “Todt”. The bunker itself is already a solid appearance ... but the cannon that stands next to it ... that was what mattered to us ... A Krupp K5 cannon, made between 1937 and 1940. It fired a 255 kilo grenade over a distance of almost 70 km. The gun weighs 120 tons and is 32 meters long.


Ouistreham bunker museum

In Ouistreham (France) is a WW2 bunker that is now in use as a museum. From an original landing craft (which was also used in the movie "saving private ryan", to uniforms, a few tanks, rooms full of original stuff and way way more.


Pointe du Hoc

On June 6, 1944 (D-Day), at 07.00 am, the US 2nd Ranger battalion came up along this coast in France, along the rock wall that is 30 meters high, with rope ladders ...