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Hobby 2022 Beurs Poznan

Een hobbybeurs in Poznan Polen. Dan zie je de poster en denk je… 1 treinbaan en de rest zal wel “crea doe” zijn met “vrouwenspullen”…. fout. Een kleine bloemlezing…. Prachtige stukjes modelbouw. Geen bouwpakketten,...


Retro Motor beurs Poznan 2022

Op 29 en 30 Oktober was er de Retro Motor 2022 in Poznan Polen. De eerste gedachte is dan… wat auto’s, wat motoren en dat zal het dan wel zijn. Fout. Zes(!) hallen VOL...


Dutch Den Oudsten / DAF MB200 buses in Poznan Poland

If you lived in the Netherlands in the 80s and 90s, you know these busses. The well-known regional and city busses, made on a DAF bus chassis and on which Den Oudsten developed the standard regional busses in 1969. But yes, once those busses will be retired… or not completely?


National Agricultural Museum in Szreniawa

In Szreniawa (Poland) we found an agricultural museum. And to be honest… an agricultural museum doesn't really appeal to us. "If I want to see cows, I'll look at a meadow." But…. this was something different! Because agriculture also includes….. Crop-dusting aircraft:


Drezyniarz 2022, Poland

In June 2022 we had the great opportunity to make a train trip from Poznan to Czarnków with a steam train. And no, we're not going to talk about how beautiful that train was (


Louwman Museum The Hague

If you're in The Hague… why don't you go to the Louwman Museum? The most beautiful cars are here in the museum, which opened in 2010. From a kind of driving swan, to a TFord and a collection of CANAM cars.


Technology Museum Sinsheim and Speyer

Well… they are officially called a museum, but to be honest… you should see it more as a huge collection of everything that has anything to do with technology (and sometimes not)….


Technikmuseum Magdeburg

In Magdeburg there is still a very old and beautiful Technology Museum with primarily old DDR stuff. It is located in an old foundry where armored steel was once cast for tanks and the like.