Park of Military History Pivka Slovenie

Very little of the Yugoslavia war can be found in terms of museums. There are some points of commemoration, but history still seems so fresh and complicated that when it comes to museums, there is still very little to find. But in Pivka (Slovenia) there is one of the very few museums that does pay attention to this part of history.

Luchtafweer 2e wereldoorlog duitsland

Anyway, let's start with this… .. a complete train (pulled by a 52 locomotive in new condition) but at the end is the best! An anti-aircraft gun, on a railway carriage, original German, 2nd World War.

Very special about this museum is that you can clearly see what happened in this region in the past. Once it was Yugoslavia, then Italy, then suddenly Austria and now it is Slovenia… although the pieces are often “used” locally, the origin is… downright chaotic.

Krupp K5 kanon

Get this!… A grenade base plate for a Krupp K5 railway gun used in the battle of Anzio. (WW2) Only when you stand next to it do you realize how bulky the whole grenade must have been… (see voor more info, and at you can find a movie about the canon when it was used in WW2.

Bommen Joegoslavië oorlog

More into “aviation”? Used by former Yugoslavia. And look at the stuff that stands in front of it, impressive.

Kerkklok bom Oorlog bommemwerper

And speaking of bombs…. You can also make a church bell from a 2nd World War bomb ...

It actually hung in a church in the region when the real church bell was stolen…. What a world ...

Joegoslavië oorlog tank

A little more toward the present time… used during the Yugoslavia war and the crew did not end up so well…

During that war, everything was used that anyone could get hold of and if necessary, museum pieces were used to kill each other ...

Oh, and it stood in a corner and was barely noticeable. Does say something about the size of the museum and everything that's there. From one Oh, to another Wow ...

Russische tanks en loopgraven machine

Oh yeah… if you want to dig a trench and it has to be fast… get this… Bizarrely big, digging holes like a mol on steroids… and of Russian descent.

Joegoslavië oorlog

Anyway, the "best thing" was the stuff that was used in the Yugoslavia war and there was more than enough of it. Everything is neatly explained with respect for the turbulent past. Oh yes, English translation is everywhere. Very useful indeed.

Joegoslavië oorlog TV uitzending

And what this is? A living room from former Yugoslavia with a TV that shows the news that was broadcasted when the war broke out…. A very special atmosphere to say the least ...

Enough being said .. on to the pictures. Have fun watching and at for more information.

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