National Agricultural Museum in Szreniawa

In Szreniawa (Poland) we found an agricultural museum. And to be honest… an agricultural museum doesn't really appeal to us. "If I want to see cows, I'll look at a meadow." But…. this was something different! Because agriculture also includes….. Crop-dusting aircraft:

And what about, for example, the trains that drove the goods to and from the farmlands…

Or, for example, the nice tractors they have made here in the region:

And to top it all off, a wonderful collection of cars produced here in the region. Wow.

And yes…. of course the necessary plows, harrows and really everything that has to do with agriculture.

All in all, this museum surprised us more than positively. We spent a whole day wandering around and will definitely go back. Beautifully set up, large and for everyone there is something to see that appeals to you.

See for more information and below all the photos we made.

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  1. Kees says:

    Ik zou me ook wel een dag kunnen vermaken tussen al die Poolse en Oost-Duitse voertuigen. Het begrip ‘landbouwmuseum’ dekt maar ten dele de lading.

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