Wernigerode ww2 subcamp - cover name "Richard"

The former forced labor camp KZ-Außenlager Wernigerode (alias “Richard”) was built shortly after the start of the Second World War. In this labor camp (which was an annex of camp Buchenwald) on the Veckenstedter Strasse are four originally preserved barracks and a watchtower.

This was therefore not an extermination camp, but a labor camp for, among other things, Rautalwerk, mining works in the Galgenberg and railway construction. Within the Rautalwerk, which mainly manufactured cylinder and engine housings for aircraft, vehicle, high-speed and marine engines, the inmates worked in the foundry, the cleaning shop, the control and dispatch hall and the light metal factory. The work was hard and dangerous to their health. Given these circumstances, many inmates were so exhausted within three months that they were deported back to the main camp and replaced with healthy inmates…

After the 2nd World War, the camp was eventually used during the GDR to commemorate what happened here, but with a strong propagandistic GDR sauce over it. This can be seen in the various monuments that are still there and were built in that spirit, and there is a special section in the exhibition that is about that time. After the fall of the GDR that propaganda part has largely disappeared, and it has now become a neutral place to commemorate.

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