IFA Museum Nordhausen

The IFA (Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau) existed in the former GDR. That was the umbrella organization of the East German motorcycle and car industry. Under the name IFA, passenger cars, trucks, agricultural vehicles as well as motorcycles and (moped) bicycles were produced in the GDR. And it was primarily in Nordhausen that agricultural vehicles were made.

And that is (unfortunately for the region) a thing of the past. Because, with the end of the GDR came the end of the factories and there is almost nothing left after the closure in 1992.

In Nordhausen, Montania AG, formerly Gerlach & König, built locomotives with combustion engines since 1907, which were sold through O&K. In 1912 or 1916 this company was taken over by O&K and continued as “Werk Nordhausen”.

By 1935 they were producing 5299 locomotives and a total of 9371 units at the last delivery in January 1942. At this point the locomotive construction, including 421 locomotives already started, was moved to Prague. During World War II, 400 class 52 war locomotives were also built by O&K/MBA –, however, it is unclear whether this was done at the Babelsberg or Nordhausen plant. After the end of the war, locomotive construction in Nordhausen was not resumed.

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  1. Kees says:

    In Nordhausen werden volgens mij ook motoren voor de vrachtwagen IFA W50 gemaakt.

    • admin says:

      Klopt, dat begreep ik ook. De samenvoeging van de wagens was weer ergens anders, maar dat heb ik nog niet kunnen vinden.

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