The currywurst museum….

In Berlin there was a real… Currywurst museum! Yes, it is almost impossible, but let's be honest… there is hardly anything better than a currywurst.

Everything about the sausage, its origin, how it is made and way more! #lol Oh yeah, you could also buy currywurst plush toys…. yep....

So if you wanted to know how the sausage is made… where it came from and what it is made of… then this was THE place! Yes!

There was even a fake curry sausage stall where you could fry your own fake sausages and fry your fake fries. Quality people, pure quality!

But unfortunately, all good things come to an end and the museum closed down at the end of 2018… #sad

Fortunately, we could shoot a picture of a map with all the currywurst places around the museum, so we are not completely lost. LOL. … and… luckily we still have the pictures!

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