Danmarks Flymuseums

In Skjern (Denmark) you can find the “Danmarks Flymuseum”. A relatively unknown gem that was more than worth it to visit

At the time when I visited it, there were (approximately) 60 out of the 70 aircraft on display. The rest is in storage, loaned out or being restored and when you see how they do that and what the result is... that is certainly impressive.

The whole is set up is thematically, however, you shouldn't expect too much from that. It could also be that I simply have just too little knowledge about it to see the themes at all. #LOL. However, what is definitely nice to see are the "local" planes! All in all, very impressive what such a relatively small country has in aviation history.

In 2006 an extra hall was added, and they specifically dedicated it to the history of the RDAF (Royal Danish Air Force). This part is (from what I understood) actually its own sort of museum, but as a visitor you don't notice it. (same entrance, etc.) Here you can see a nice collection of the first aircraft from 1911 to, for example, the F16 aircraft that were used in more recent history.

All in all, a wonderfully quiet and beautiful (!)museum. There are some beautiful planes among them that are also real Danish so that was more than worth the visit. Oh yes, .. and finally... they have got a very nice exhibition of model airplanes that once flew in Denmark. More than 1000 pieces… WOW! So if you have the chance: go!

For more info, see: http://flymuseum.dk/

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