Bratislava Slovak Transport Museum

The Slovak Transport Museum in Bratislava is a treat to visit. Not big, but wonderfully quiet, plenty of space and above all: a wonderful exhibition about rail and road transport in Slovakia.

Outside you'll find the necessary track-related stuff like this beautiful steam locomotive. Made by Skoda (the first locomotive they released all by themselves)

The beast weighs around 18 tons (empty) and they were built from 1923.

How about a Tatra T603. Built in former Czechoslovakia and intended for government officials, etc. “The average citizen” was never able to own this. They were produced from 1956 up, and were equipped with a 2545 cc V8 engine delivering 94 HP. Not bad at all for that time and the top speed was somewhere around 160 km per hour. Not bad for a 1956 car, not to mention the futuristic design.

What this museum is really great at ... are the prototypes of, for example, a BAZ MNA 900 (see pictures) that were produced in Bratislava and were far ahead of their time. These mini vans were produced in the 80s, but unfortunately “behind the iron curtain” so we (in the west) were still stuck with the old angular Ford transit that looked worse... but also drove a lot worse. ..

And the museum is full those prototypes. In the front of the picture is the prototype of a Skoda Locusta and behind it, it goes much further with prototypes from the former Eastern bloc.

And who thinks that they could only make these kinds of beautiful vans in the USA… wrong! This is a prototype of a Russian Tatra Minivan. Isn't it beautiful.

Al met al een heerlijke verzameling, maar neem vooral de tijd en doe desnoods even wat vooronderzoek wat er allemaal staat. Dan ben je zo een dag onder de pannen en loop je van de ene Oostblok verbazing in de andere. Klopt, ze maakten niet alleen maar rommel in het Oosten… dat sprookje is ons wel verteld in het westen, maar dat was dan weer “west propaganda”.

Anyway, for cars, motorcycles, trains, bicycles and above all a lot of beautiful stuff from this particular region, its definitely worth a visit. See: for more information.

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