From Trabant engine to a side table....

You take an engine out of a trabant ... First you have to clean it properly ... sandblast the block and then spray the engine in the clear coat for protection ...

After that task, you'll make a fake crate with some (old) wood in which you can screw the engine itself. The crate must be sturdy.

With help from some fake advertising (made with a laser), so that the crate looks really old and after that, you'll make the wood older by smearing it in with a drizzle of vinegar and rust.

Then you take a thermopane window from the scrapyard which you glue between the heads and the block with some construction kit.

Make sure to set everything neatly with some slats and a level, otherwise the cups will roll off the table ...

As a frame you use some aluminum profiles and sandblast them as well, so that they look beautiful.

And your table is ready! Tough job, nice result .. and in the absence of a real Trabant, this is a great replacement.

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