Dutch Den Oudsten / DAF MB200 buses in Poznan Poland

If you lived in the Netherlands in the 80s and 90s, you know these busses. The well-known regional and city busses, made on a DAF bus chassis and on which Den Oudsten developed the standard regional busses in 1969. But yes, once those busses will be retired… or not completely?

In July 1991, 29 of these Den Oudsten buses were donated to Poznań (Poland). And… in the end, the last buses lasted there until 2008. These 29 buses came from the city of Utrecht and drove under the label "West Nederland".

The buses that came to the MPK in Poznan had a semi-automatic transmission, the buses that came to the MPK in Gniezno had an automatic transmission.

This bus was once the 9287 of West Nederland with registration number BF-91-BD and was produced in 1982.

The bus of this series has been preserved in Poznan and was completely restored in 2021.

The bus has been completely disassembled and thoroughly inspected. 

Among other things, the engine and the semi-automatic gearbox were overhauled. The body, chassis, suspension and braking system were renewed and maintained. The floor and carpeting, scratched glass, window and door seals, side laminates and vestibules in the passenger compartment and the seats were renewed. The exterior lighting and chrome decorative elements were also renewed.

At the same time, the authentic Dutch buttons and switches have been restored and the original driver's cabin door has been replaced. Furthermore, the bus was again painted in the colors white, yellow and gray. Thanks to collaboration with enthusiasts from the Netherlands, they were able to determine the original colors with which this bus was painted in the factory in 1982. 

In 1991, he also came to Poznań in this color scheme. The bus with the number 1222 is now used on the tourist bus lines 100 and 102 and any special trips.

It is striking that the Dutch signs are still in the bus. From the "do not speak to the driver" sign, to the signs for the emergency exits and the stop buttons, everything is still there.

All in all a nice ride back in time.

The buses run on Saturdays and Sundays, on the website of MPK Poznan you will find the times of route 100 and 102. They depart from the main train station.

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