Museum Buses in Poznan Poland

In Poznan, there are a number of beautiful museum buses that drive around the city on Saturday and Sunday (all week in summer) and where you can travel back in time.

Let's start with the Solaris Urbino 12. Is that a museum bus? Yes, of course. This bus is now 23 years old (2022)

Solaris built these buses in Poland (in Bolechowo) from 1999 on. And although these buses now look “normal” they were legendary for that time. A Polish product, designed by Neoplan Polskamet with the collaboration of designers from the Berlin style company IFS.

Ultimately, these buses were not only deployed in Poland, but also in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

After the buses in Poznan went out of service, this bus, with the number 1334, was restored and used as a museum bus.

An older bus is this Ikarus 260, built in 1985 in Hungary with the number 1735.

This type of bus was ultimately the most produced bus that rolled out of the Ikarus factory.

It originally contains a Rába D2156HM6U 141kW/192HP 10350cm3 engine.

In addition to the Ikarus 260, there is also an articulated version of this bus driving around in Poznan, that is the Ikarus 280 with number 3584. The 280 has been restored to the last screw, the 280 still deserves some attention, but in this condition it still feels most authentic to be honest.

A bus that is not made in the region is the Dutch Den Oudsten / DAF MB200 with the number 1222. See: for a special article about this unique bus.

En naast de eigen bussen die als thuisbasis Poznan hebben, rijden er ook vaak bussen rond van andere museum bedrijven.

In dit geval een Ikarus 260.32 met het kenteken DW 38E, gebouwd in 1986 die als thuisbasis KSTM Wrocław heeft.

Met een beetje geluk kun je dan dit soort taferelen krijgen met een Ikarus uit Wrocław op de voorgrond en een andere Ikarus uit Poznan op de achtergrond. Zeg nu eerlijk… wat een plaatje!

And that's not all… in the near future we will try to get the other buses on camera as well. To be continued….

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