Stasi Headquarters in Berlin

The Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (the Stasi or MfS) was the internal security service in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and its headquarters was in the Lichtenberg district on Normannenstraße. Today it is used as a Stasi Museum.

You only came to this special place if you really fully cooperated with the old GDR regime.. or if they thought you had misbehaved against this regime…

Erich Mielke, (the former head of the security service) had his office here and all the bigwigs were here, hatching their plans.

At the end of the GDR it was occupied by protesting citizens and because of that, fortunately, not everything that the government had done ended up in the paper shredder.

Now you will find piles and piles of old propaganda material and unique pieces of listening equipment from that time. What about these railway sleepers with photo camera….

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