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Reichsparteitagsgelände Nurnberg

If you've seen some World War II films, you must have also come across the Reich Party Rally Grounds as a place where "mustache man" did quite a few speeches ... and you might know it from the photos ...


An odometer becomes a clock

You take an odometer from a Trabant ... and you tear the whole thing apart ... And you take a clock from the action ... You tear the interior out of the clock and the odometer ...


Auschwitz concentration camp

Well… what more should we say about the Auschwitz extermination camp? It shouldn't be necessary to explain anything about it right? So we'll stick to the cold numbers:


La Rochelle

Anyone who has seen the movie “das boot” also knows what the town of La Rochelle was in the second world war: A naval base for, among other things, submarine boats. The (huge) bunkers for those U-boats are still there, but ...



On June 10, 1944 in the town of Oradour-sur-Glane, the village (in France) was closed in by the first regiment "Der Führer" of the 2nd SS-Panzer-Division Das Reich and destroyed. 642 people were killed.