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We are moving… to… Poland.

OK dan… het grote nieuws kan nu echt wereldkundig worden gemaakt… we gaan verhuizen! …. Naar Polen.  Wat? Hoe dan, waarom dan, huh?  Welnu… we zijn aan deze kant eens gaan denken.. stel… dat...


Old bicycle shed Meppel

Tot medio 2010 stond er bij station Meppel nog de oude fietsenstalling die daarna gesloopt is. Op donderdag 2 December 2010 werd de nieuwe stalling geopend. De nieuwe fietsenstalling zal zeker efficiënter zijn geworden,...


Trains in Amersfoort

If you are at the old railway workshop in Amersfoort… and a gentleman in a fluoridated vest gives you permission to go and watch trains up to a certain point… then you grab your chance….


Demolition Market Halls Meppel

The market halls in Meppel (NL) were a household name for years. The animal market, the bird and the flea markets and so on. But in recent years there was no more maintenance and the halls were doomed…


Prora KdF-Seebad Rügen

Kraft durch Freude (KdF) was an organization in Nazi Germany managed by the German National Socialist government that rewarded good work performance with trips and vacations. And one of those vacation getaways…. would be Seebad Rugen in...



In Peenemunde, during the 2nd World War, research was done into the V weapons, especially the V1 and the V2 rocket. There's not much left of those research centers, just a power station...