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Grič-tunnel Zagreb

The Grič Tunnel in Zagreb is a tunnel under Gradec (Grič.) The tunnel is 350 meters long, the main part is 3.2 meters wide and the central part is 5.5 meters wide.


Dutch Den Oudsten / DAF MB200 buses in Poznan Poland

If you lived in the Netherlands in the 80s and 90s, you know these busses. The well-known regional and city busses, made on a DAF bus chassis and on which Den Oudsten developed the standard regional busses in 1969. But yes, once those busses will be retired… or not completely?


National Agricultural Museum in Szreniawa

In Szreniawa (Poland) we found an agricultural museum. And to be honest… an agricultural museum doesn't really appeal to us. "If I want to see cows, I'll look at a meadow." But…. this was something different! Because agriculture also includes….. Crop-dusting aircraft:


David Hasselhoff Museum

Some things in life are so bad that they are good. The phenomenon David Hasselhoff is one of them, and the museum that exists in Berlin is set up entirely in that style. So bad, it's good.